the art of abundance

abundance what a magical word a-bun-dance can't you just visualize your breakfast rolls dancing with joy at being lathered with butter and eaten with large cups of tea.

silliness aside... I have just been re-exposed to my limiting beliefs around abundance, money and receiving.

As part of a magical group of amazing self employed women I was given the opportunity to read a secret new document centering around these concepts.

I walked away with so much hope in my heart and so much appreciation for my abilities as a service provider. I am finally getting it through my thick skull about how I really can help more people in more profound ways if I truly take remarkable care of myself first. At the core of this is working through beliefs that cause me to undercharge for the work that I do.

So get ready world Amy the person is separating herself from Amy the business and she's gonna clean house and create some seriously amazing things for her clients.

Look soon for some beautiful packages that are designed to create a truly unique healing experience and transform your life while providing stress relief!
I can't wait! and what an amazing time of year to be growing, so in alignment with the magic of summer.

Want to know more? check out Mikelann my magical guide of money here:
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PS my new mantra is "I am now open to receiving" especially some yummy a-bun-dance with butter please :D