in defiance of the weather

saturday it snowed here in the pacific northwest. we haven't seen snow at sea level this late in the season since 1972.

i'm tired of waiting for winter to be done and tired of waiting to be out in my garden. with the price of food going up on a daily basis i want to get my garden planted so that i can start harvesting beautiful food from the back yard. so i bundled up and went to the garden store yesterday to get some plants for my pots and some garden gloves without holes. my back porch is looking remarkably spring like with young starts to salvia, snap dragons and coral bells.

i trust that nature won't let them freeze... she's had her say and let us know who's boss.

just in case though i have this pot that never grows things well. it gets reflected heat and things tend to go up in a crisp. to appease mother nature and the faeries of my yard i built a fairy house for them to live in.

i have to say it was a delight and i endeavor to build more throughout my yard this season. i found bits of cast off things, driftwood, a broken vase for a skylight and a broken gooey duck shell that resembles butterfly wings. it was beyond fun and i do hope that someone has moved in. the house needs more roofing supplies so i am hoping something shows up today in the house or when i venture out there again today.

i am determined to get my spinach and lettuce and peas in before the end of the week. we shall see :D