Business practices

While sorting through my heaps of massage related magazines I came across this article in AMBP's 'Different Strokes' magazine. It is on 'Balancing work and business' and I wanted to remember some of the things without the storage of more paper. So here are the highlights.

What Differentiates Your Practice From Everyone else's? list specialties, populations you work with like elderly or pregnancy. Make your practice distinct.

Practice Training is a goodness.

Meditation Can Help Focus 'nough said. By the way this doesn't have to be sitting, mind blank meditation. Go for a walk, swim, exercise, garden, write... Allowing time to let the mind wander and purge allows for clarity and focus in a session.

Get Bodywork and take notes on space, session, etc.

Give 100% of Attention To Client this may seem obvious but I can't tell you how many times I have made my shopping list or thought about what didn't get done, or where I was going after work. Shhh here's a secret... The client can tell they don't have your focused attention, and most likely your body can too and neither will be satisfied with the work done.

Develop A Client Base who are you targeting and is your material in a place they will see it? Is it designed to attract your audience or a different one?

Manage Your Time don't agree to do session on your day off, don't over book, and don't think in terms of scarcity. [*points to self*] It is disrespectful to both yourself and your client to cross your boundaries.

Return Phone Calls promptly. People won't wait, they'll call someone else. Have a cancellation policy and enforce it.

Give It Away Free sessions or free upgrades can fill an empty schedule and boost return rates. I know... The thought of giving away free massage makes me cringe, so obviously it's something I should try. I'll let you know if it works. I am going to modify it though with "Second session is free", not the first one, I want people's return business, not the free loaders who don't like commitment.