Cinderella (shoes part 1)


So due to my work as a reflexologist I will be attacking shoes a lot in this blog. Please do not take offense and understand that from where I sit, at your feet, it is my job to tell you how damaging shoes are to you so that you can go forward in life and make a decision based on fact and fashion.

In the last post I was going on about this book Spinning Straw into Gold: What Fairy Tales Reveal About the Transformations in a Woman's Life and I needed to address the Cinderella shoe thing. If for no other reason then it made me look at shoes from a totally new perspective.

In the book she described the sexual relation to shoes and how for women it is a role reversal of sorts. The shoe becomes the vagina enclosing the foot. She makes a connection between the power women often surrender in daily life and how one simple action makes them dominate over something, slipping your foot into a shoe gives an illusion of control. AHH HA! I have finally got the reason for shoe fetishes. Now I am not Freud so I won't be analyzing you at our next session or in conversation, I just found it a fascinating way to think. This from a woman who currently owns 5 pairs of shoes. I never got why anyone would want to make their feet fit in the art pieces that are supposed to act as foot protection. Shoes as art I get, but please put them on display in your bookshelf and stop trying to walk in them.

I find it also interesting that the author points out the prince running around the country side putting shoes on all these women trying to find his mate. Naughty *grin* And in the original Grimm's fairy tale version the step-sisters actually carve up their feet to get their shoes to fit. *ugh* The scary thing is it's happening now as well, removal of the 5th toe is becoming a trend. Self mutilation to fit in. Wow.

So really this post has no point except to say that shoes that scream disfunctional, sex, grab me I can't run away, are truly serving their purpose and should therefore only be used in situations where the aforementioned is desired. Otherwise treat your feet and your body a bit kinder and where the clunky old shoes that provide comfort, support, and good running advantage.