i think i may have solved my holiday blahs

see i LOVE presents!bestthings I like they way they look all pretty and shiny and i love it when they have my name on them. but i hate contributing to materialism in america and destroying the environment by buying crap. and about half the time i don't really love what is under that pretty paper.

plus i have no monies for stuff.

so i had a brunch this weekend with brilliant women and we were discussing this blah i get about not having presents for the last 5 years and i randomly blurted out that my husband this year should wrap empty boxes. this would feed my inner child's delight of ripping things open and simultaneously not add to my carbon foot print.

but then my brilliant business partner took it further and said he should wrap up random treasures he finds around the house! and/or we should send each others husbands to shop in the others house....

problem solved!

i am no longer dreading the holidays. seriously. for the first time in 5 years this completely solves all of my emotional angst. it is so terribly funny. so simple and yet it took me 5 years to find it.