what i doamyfood, gratitude

some times i have this secret identity

what i doamyfood, gratitude

where i pose as a caterer and i create meals for others and events. leah, kairos and ela photo by john cornicello

here is a link to an article that tells about Safe Passage. and here is the Guatemalan feast i created last Sunday!

  • jacon (chicken in tomatillos, scallion, cilantro and ground sesame and pumpkin seeds)
  • black beans
  • rice
  • plantains fried in coconut oil
  • radish salsa
  • spicy slaw
  • guacamole
  • fresh mango's

you can still buy art, cd's, sculptures and votive's (or just donate $) to fund the way down to Guatemala. the feast was a HUGE success and Ela and Leah are sponsoring 75 children for a whole years worth of food and education! what a blessing!