i like to combine things. like when you go out to breakfast i want the savory egg thing and some sweet thing too. a little bit of this and that.

lemonade and iced tea

split single ice cream cones-two flavors! yay!

sometimes they don't work out so well

i can't think of anything except naps and driving or orange juice and toothpaste.  i know there are lots, but i guess that is not what is important about this post.

what is important is this:

i have combined ebooks! (and reduced their prices)

now you can get:

mommy's helpers + red so you are prepared before, during and after pregnancy!

[add_to_cart item="R+M EBOOK" quantity="user:1" ] 

also red + permission to pamper because we should always take time to pamper and then maybe we would never have PMS again!

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want to know more about these ebooks click the links?

red: reflexology to eliminate the discomfort of pms

permission to pamper

mommy's helpers