The healing ingredient of every plant is the same, friendship. From my journal 6/2004 A couple of years after writing this tiny entry in my journal I would go to a week long retreat on Faery Doctoring. Little did I know plants would be and integral part of me starting to for a relationship with the Fae as well as a huge part of personal and space healing.

Since this excerpt I have indeed played and listened to and made friends with many plants. I have also ignored and abandoned many more to die gasping for water and finally be turned into compost to feed my next attempts at gardening.

Even the plants that make us itch or give us hives have magical things to say. A field of blackberries or nettle proclaims loudly that this space on earth is healing-leave it alone. If we venture there and get all scratchy or irritated we really have no one to blame but our own non-observation.

Taking a look in my garden I see where things are happy, or sad or struggling and I can choose to listen to this communication the plants are sending out or I can choose to try and force them to thrive in a place they don't belong or like. I can also try to coax them to adapt to the space. If the experiment doesn't work, well I've made a lovely batch of dead plant to be composted back into the soil for the next friend to come along.

Many people believe that faeries live in flowers and plants and that each plant has a deva associated with it. I have not had this experience, instead what I have seen in my visions and trances and felt in my garden are minders. Faeries who nurture parts of nature, like a plant, who make their home nearby or in the plant and who play in the leaves. Not every plant I have met has a faery, but every plant I've ever seen has always wanted to be a friend-even if they are just using me for my carbon dioxide.

By the way, whenever I plant a seed I always say a little prayer. To ask for the seed to thrive in it's own magical way and to ask it to communicate with me if it needs more as I tend to be a unobservant human obsessed with my life. And when I have killed a friend I ask to become more observant and that the nutrients be returned and feed whoever comes next. I usually don't feel bad, I sort of see this as a necessary part of the journey that maybe was expedited by by getting to busy.