Raindrop Theraphy

Earlier in the month I rambled on about the lovely hot stone massage I received from Michele Timm at Maya. I also promised I'd do a follow up post about her Raindrop Therapy.

There are very few words to describe this treatment. All I can really say is I felt utterly transformed. I went into the office the day after making a 14 hour drive home from Sacramento CA. I was tired and felt like I was coming down with a cold, really lethargic and sore throat. I left feeling energy, less tension in my throat and more... alive or something.

The process is simple essential oils worked into neck, then feet to ground. Then you turn over and these oils are dripped along your spine, each in accompanied by a different pattern and different strokes. It's so hard to describe as the sensations and scents put you into a lovely bliss coma.

Michele offers your first session in Raindrop therapy at $60 a $20 savings.

If you are feeling energetically stuck, spiritually/mentally/emotionally drained or like you just collected a whole bunch of toxic waste from some event, I highly recommend a visit. It is beyond amazing. Plus you smell really damn good afterwords.

Michele's contact info and offerings:

Availability & Pricing ::
Mondays,Thursdays,Fridays and Saturdays, as well as by appointment. Call 206.465.2648.
Swedish/Deep Tissue- 60 min. $60, 90 min. $75
60 min. packages: 5 for $275, 10 for $500
90 min. packages: 5 for $350, 10 for $650
Hot Stone Massage: 90 min. $85, 120 min./$120
Raindrop Therapy: 75 min. $80 ($60 first time visit)