edible flowers

Can you tell I am cleaning out my files? My random posting may reach epic proportions before this is all done.

Today I am giving some tips I found in the AMBP magazine: Yummy flowers
Calendulas (pot marigold): add petals to anything for a peppery taste. Also are nice addition to bath or foot soak actually all of these are a nice addition to water treatments.
Daylilies: I've never tried them, good cooked or raw it says and has been used in China to ease the pain of grief. They have tons of antioxidants.
Dandelions: The plant people love to hate. flowers are sweet and can be made into wine and the leaves are good cooked or tossed into salads, I like them but they are a bitter.
Hibiscus: The flowers are beautiful and add beauty to any meal. Cranberry like flavor with citrus overtones, the tea is beautiful pink/red and yummy.
Squash Blossoms: Yummy fried in batter or stuffed.
Pansies: Mild minty flavor and is a great garnish being beautiful in color and delicate looking.
Roses: All are edible but the darker the color the more flavor. Use them everywhere!
Sunflower: It is best eaten when in the bud stage, and apparently tastes similar to artichokes. When the flower opens can use the petals which are bittersweet in flavor.

Do not eat flowers from florist or garden centers as these have probably been sprayed. Also do not eat flowers from the side of the road as car exhaust is not good to ingest and makes things taste awful. If you don't know if the flower is edible, don't eat it. Bad things could happen. Look in grocery stores and farmers markets for edible flowers sold in the herb or salad section. Don't eat too many flowers at once, they don't taste all that great so I'm not too worried about y'all on this one. Most important use flowers that look good and are free from bugs... unless of course you need more protein and want to get it from aphids instead of meat, then by all means chow down... just don't invite me for dinner :D