Pain Killers


My husband forwarded me this article on pain killers the other day and I have been in shock for the past two weeks trying to come up with some way to file it in my brain.

I understand that people are stressed and I understand that pain is unacceptable in a world that needs you to keep going. But an increase of 96% in users is well... I'm a bit stunned.

Maybe we need to look at our lifestyles and see why we are causing our bodies so much discomfort. Maybe we need to invest in education, body mechanics training, and ergonomic work spaces. I feel strongly that employers should look at this seriously, if your workforce is in so much pain that they are popping pills throughout the day, what is that doing to companies product.

I'd make some pretty speech now about the benefits of alternative therapies, however since heath insurance rarely covers it, and most practitioners aren't available at 3am when your headache is preventing sleep... well i get why more americans are reaching for the pill bottle. It makes me really sad though, and I weep for our poor livers.

To reflex your liver and give it additional support go to your right foot. The liver reflex is located under mid foot (the waist line or skinniest part) to the ball of the foot (diaphragm line) and spans from the 5th zone (smallest toe) to the 1st zone (big toe). When in doubt work the fleshy arch part across the whole foot.

In the hand basically work the palm of the right hand.

Work these areas with hand, tennis/golf ball, or foot roller.

For pain relief, it depends on the area affected, but an easy cure all is to pull/rub your ears. You can easily do this with out attracting notice and cover the whole reflex map in a short time. Move slowly all over the whole ear gently pinching and rubbing it between your fingers, if you find and area that feels really hard or sore stay there and work it a bit longer and see if it shifts.