reflexologyamyfoot, pampering

Foot Baths

reflexologyamyfoot, pampering

I truly believe that if everyone came home at the end of a long hard day and stuck their feet in warm water the world would right itself and all would be well. In short a foot bath can save the planet.

Here are the benefits:
* warming to the whole body
* warmth helps release tension in the whole body
* purifying
* cleansing
* the addition of epsom salts can facilitate toxin release
* helps release any adhesions in the foot through heat and relaxation

Here are some ways to make it fun with additions:
* flower petals bring color, joy, and add a sense of luxury
* salts (sea salt, epsom salt, dead sea salts) not recommended if you have high blood pressure
* baking soda
* bubble bath or liquid soap
* essential oils
* make a strong cup of tea and add that for smell and toxin releasing or calming properties (chamomile, ginger and other herbal teas are the best to use)
* light a candle to soak by

Here is a lovely little book with other wonderful goodies.