two studies: weight and attracting a partner


I was filtering through my massage magazine and needed to share these two awesome studies:

Money Motivation

Researchers at Penn School of Medicine found that people do better at loosing weight when money is on the line. They tested two possible reward systems for weight loss involving money. One involved a deposit contract in which clients risked a small portion of their own money if they did not make their weight loss goals. The second system used a lottery system that allowed dieters to collect winnings if they met their target weight.

At the end of four months, the lottery program lost 13 pounds on average. The deposit group lost 14 pounds. The control group with no motivation other than better fitting jeans only lost 4 ponds on average.

These findings appear in the American Medial Association if you want more information.

what if you put a chunk of money away as a motivator say $200 towards your next vacation or wardrobe. If you don't make the goals, you have to invest it into retirement account. Either way you win you just have more fun now instead of later.

Finding Your Soul Mate

Studies in Royal Society's Proceedings B and Psychological Science report that everyone emits aromatic molecules that indicate genetic compatibility with another person. As it turns out, this genetic signature, called major histocompatibility complex (MHC), can be interfered with by contraception pills. Generally, researchers find that the best partners have different MHC odors. Couples of dissimilar MHC genes have been found to remain more faithful to each other and report being more satisfied in their relationship. Women on the pill, however, tend to be attracted to mates with identical MHC odors. In short, women may prefer different men when they are on the pill than when they're off it.

It seems that finding an alternate to birth control may be a necessity in the near future as it seems to have weird and possible detrimental side effects on nature, relationships and frogs.