thank you! thank you! thank you!

i just wanted to take a moment to pop in and say a giant thank you! thank you to you who is just passing by and you who books appointments and help me pay my mortgage and buy delicious foods to eat. i adore you all!

there is so much happening in my world and it's all moving so fast and i forget to reach out to each and every one of you and let you know about things in a newsletter or an email or even after a session. know you can always reach out to me and i will get you an update, some answers or book a coffee date to just chill and exchange stories.

it means the world to me that we get to do this healing thing and embark on an adventure where curiosity is our biggest asset and we follow the clues your mind, body and spirit leave for us and transfer pain into potential.

that is amazing! and i am so thankful i get to do this work.

and it's all because people like you show up here randomly or by introduction from somewhere else and you put your trust in my wackiness and we shake things up!

many blessings and i hope to connect soon!

i always love to hear form you so please never hesitate to each out.



love from me and chaos

love from me and chaos