amy! the barefoot phoenix
amy! the barefoot phoenix
wake up, wake up, wake up and live! fully, gloriously, and messily. eyes wide open, trying not to fall back asleep and into the status quo.


Free and helpful resources just for you! Here are a highlight of my favorite posts and activities that I have done over the years all on one shiny happy page,  I hope something strikes your fancy.


your own permission slip

Need some secret or not so secret permission? Over here on this blog post see how I turned sad night gown or slips found at Goodwill into beautiful reminders of permission.

Here is a blog post with a link to goofy video on how to make your own slip.

pocket vision board or visual goal board

Create a tiny vision board for the year, for a project, or for a dream. It folds up so you have it with you everywhere! Pictures and instructions are here  on this blog post

lining up the pieces.jpg


make a map

Do you feel lost a lot? Me too! Make yourself an inner compass to help guide you on any adventure. Add a spinner or just close your eyes and point then do the activity and voila! At least you had some fun in your confusion. See a post about how I made mine here