beginning to read for others

One of the most terrifying moments in any tarot readers life is that moment when you realize that in order to grow and learn more you have to read the cards for someone else. YIKES!

For most of my life I have used tarot only for a personal tool. Then 3 or 4 years ago it became very apparent to me that I need to offer this gift out in the world.  [*shit*] I exclaimed to myself and then I put on my big girl panties and went and read at a goddess fair for donations. It was exhilarating, terrifying, horrible and fantastic all at once, all through out the day.

See I had a translation problem. I could hear what my guides and the cards wanted me to tell the other person but when I opened my mouth all that came out was ‘um, yadda, blah, um, ya.’ We all get stuck, and freeze and can’t figure it out and stammer and want to take back everything we just said.

The key to it all is to just keep throwing yourself out there and trying.

One of the best lessons I ever heard and will continue to practice all my days is the gift of detachment. Your job is to offer up what you see and then let it go. What the person you are reading for gets out of it or does with it is NONE of your business. Let it go!

Trust yourself; use your feelings to make sure you are speaking truth and not what others want to hear.

The beautiful thing about having to learn how to translate everything from spirit/alien language into English was that I learned the stories really well-it’s easy to talk about movies and therefore relate it to the image in the cards.