amy creates stuff
amy creates stuff
wake up, wake up, wake up and live!

it's time to get messy

the creative speakeasy is an open house where you have permission and freedom to explore art, self, paint and more. 

this is a place where you can tap into your true nature and find the source of infinite possibilities hidden deep inside yourself. a place where you can bring your questions and seek answers by surrendering to the muse.

a space where you can make a mess, experiment, practice and make 1001 mistakes.

this is a space to tap into coherence-your rhythm with the universe-

to tap into clarity-your vision of reality-

to tap into wisdom-that deep inner knowing that comes from within you and beyond you-

this is a place where you can learn to listen to the quiet voice of the universe and paint or write it's messages and songs and images to you.

a place where you are free to be silly, be serious, be small or gigantic, be broken and powerful-sometimes all at once.

big bold strokes, itty bitty details. all of these lead back to your infinite self and all of it is welcome here.

the creative speakeasy opens this summer and will cost $37 per 3 hour block or buy a pack of 5 for $120