VPA for permission

in which i make things happen by wishing for it and sending it out into the magics of the internets.

Slips of Permission

I would love, love, love to have my permission slips go out into the world and easily find the person they are supposed to live with.

ways this could happen

  • i could have a little birthing ritual
  • when they get bought i can give them kisses and send them on their way
  • i could light candles so those who need them can follow the light
  • i could ask the amazing people at the kitchen table to chat about them
  • i could write up their stories and those alone would sell them all
  • magic

what i am willing to do

  • all of the above
  • put on a costume so people can look at my stuffs and i won't have to be scared
  • write blog posts and take pictures and post them
  • let the faeries talk through me instead of trying to do it myself
  • i can be ok with whatever happens
my hand to stop hurting me

ways this could happen

  • it could just stop
  • it could take the rest i am trying to give it
  • it could stop trying to take over everything
  • it could integrate all the healing i have been doing for it
  • shiva nata could change a pattern

what i am willing to do

  • take this week and next to work less and give it rest
  • sit down and talk to it
  • walk, walk, walk
  • listen to its story and change to make it happy
  • believe in magic

ease with guests in the house

we are about to have a full week of people living in our spaces with us. my very dear friend from portland comes up thursday and leaves sunday and then my parents arrive wednesday and everyone else comes for thanksgiving.

ways this could work

  • take space for myself
  • put on an apron charged with super powers
  • not try to do any more than i can
  • it just could be easy, it never has to be hard
  • work on my personal boundaries

what i am willing to do

  • be a bad hostess
  • ask for help damn-it (yes amy guest can help)
  • take my walks and let them rest or whatever
  • not clean every last bit of dirt
  • breathe
  • ask my wonderous gentleman friend for help now