magicbraches-EH last time i was in a coffee shop pondering what the hell i do. not from a sad, depressed perspective but from a legitimate how to i explain-talk about-market my particular skills and doings.

the answers i got were amazing and slightly unexpected. nearly everyone mentioned magic. several mentioned connections. a few mentioned artist.

these are bizarre to me, me a connector? i love being tucked into my couch with no sound but my cats purr and would never choose a room full of people to hang out in. as far as magic goes-what did they mean by that? what is magic? shhhh! i don't want to get burned up again ... anyway i have spent the last two weeks looking at my everyday, keeping an eye open for magic and connections and you know what-you were all right.

i starred with the question of what is magic to me? and i found lots of everyday miracles, sights and smells that conjure a sense of magic. i also brainstormed in pink what are ways i can do and appreciate and connect with magic. lots of good things to be distributed here on the blog in a different post. it was fun to sit on the couch with pens and cat and dive back into my notebook and process such  simple and complex question. my next task is to ask all of you to leave me comments on the facebook so i can roll around in it and savor others ideas of magic.

connections was a bit harder for me to see until i listened to myself. and then i had this strange ah!ha! moment of holy shit! i know a ton of people. i've read a billion books. i collect and refer to others all the time. so i am a connector. also in small groups i play along with everyone else-it's really just large groups where i get lost and hide in a corner, am distracted and reserved and generally hate everyone and myself.

artist i can totally see due to all the color i am awaited in at all times-i just wish i could step into all the bits and pieces of that. there is a strange reluctance for me to grab this title for myself and she it all over the world. partially because i am still working through my art school negativity that what i do is too pretty and doesn't say anything and the starving, must wear black and smoke stereotype the french perfected and haunts us to this day.

anywho i just wanted to write a little update on all the things and let you know the evolution of the barefoot phoenix continues.


love from me and chaos