birth of new things

first off i am in the process of compiling and creating a tarot book. this is exciting. i think it will just end up being a download things as i am not feeling inclined to make it long enough to bother figuring out how to formally publish it. besides downloaded books are the new "green" they save trees, water, ink and fuel. look for it late spring,early summer. maybe sooner if life continues to be slower here at the ranch.

i shall be on the lookout for an editor and someone who understands layouts and converting things to a download able format and ebooks stuff... anyone out there?

the next conception is a new blog this one all about the sh*t... wait i mean stuff life flings at you and how no adult never told you the truth about being an adult and well it's one part rant, one part obsessive movie and book reading , one part lost teenager, and well it's just plain old silly me and i needed it to be a bit separate from this so i did not have to pretend to be professional.