what i have learned about discounts

is that nobody uses them.money so i am brainstorming ways to get people to come in without offering money off. cause no one shows up when i try to give them things for free.

so here are some ideas, right now i have a tarot special that involves readings with a friend.

i like this special, mainly because coming for a reading on your own is sometimes really scary and a friend makes it less so and also is there to be able to discuss things with weeks after the reading. friends can also point out where you are holding back and what you might need to ask and can point out things when they show up and celebrate with you. Friends, partners and family members rock!

i'm also thinking of a special for Helle but am a bit brain dead as to what would work best for me and others... cause i have to make a bit of money but i also want play and met new people.

so tell me dear friends, clients and random people reading this...

what do you want?

cause i want to give it to you but i obviously am not reading your mind correctly.