Propsition 8 in CA

ahem *steps up on soap box*

Today I was sent a wonderful article by Melissa Etheridge (you should go read it)

It lifted my heart and stepped on it a little bit too and made me angry as well. I cannot believe, cannot believe! that we are still playing this game of I am better than you or my life is so much more moral, honorable, whatever than you.

I cannot believe that a state like California has taken away so many citizens rights. And excuse me but you don't have to approve of gay lifestyle to allow others to co-exist besides you. It's call Tolerance and Compromise and we all have to fucking do it. Everyday people!

Peoples rights to health care, children, visitation in hospitals and after death arrangements have just been stripped. Think about this people... some parents cannot legally visit the children they helped raise, or stay besides a loved ones bedside when they are ill. And don't pull the "those people shouldn't have children" card because who else is gonna take care of all those amazing babies that need adopting.

But then I remember that there is a lot of fear and ignorance in this world, I think of my uncle and aunt who voted to deny gay rights last Tuesday and their callous comments about not only gays but that all the people in Iraq deserve to die. It makes my heart sick. And yet I still love them, I just don't understand them.

How can anyone look at anyone else and not see a small piece of themselves and wish for only happiness for that other. Because that other is not "other" it is just a small reflection of you and by hating "them" you are doing nothing but hating yourself. And that is a very sad thing to hate yourself so much that you are afraid of someone else just because they found love somewhere different, or are a different color or nationality.

I can feel the tides turning. The question is will enlightenment find us before we have destroyed the earth, waged more wars or taken away more rights. In the end I know that love will conquer all, for love is the universe in action. I would just really like to see it happen in my own time so my niece's and nephew can feel free to grow up and be whom ever and whatever they desire.

And just so you know, I wholly support Melissa and Ellen and everyone else living in the state of California to not pay state taxes... if they aren't real citizens there why should they be taxed. And you know what else I bet those amazing powerful people would do miraculous things with that extra money. Including funding charities that help take care of the people who hate them. Love people... it's all about love.

*and now i will step off my soap box* go forth talk amongst yourselves

And today, just because, smile at a perfect stranger. It will make you feel amazing, I guarantee it!