magic and art

Well I just sent out a mass email to all my clients asking for their support in helping me find clients. I kinda hate mass emails, but this one was special... this one had a very specific intention behind it.

What I have discovered in the last three weeks is that just that action alone will produce at least one new client. Possibly from a referral but most likely they will just randomly show up. It is amazing how that has been happening lately. I put up fliers in West Seattle and people take a flier form Fremont and decide to call. A women meets another woman I worked on once in a yoga class and she calls, I work on my web site and someone finds my profile on Biznik and calls me to do a presentation. WOW! Can the world be anymore random? Thank you whatever forces are at work! I am truly grateful and I am learning how to not be scared of this amazing thing.

And so because magic happens when you put it out there....
I need help manifesting 8-12 clients a week. Just visualize for me, no need to mess up your life, or re-arrange things to try and come in (I'd love to see you if you have the time!) Just after reading this whisper out into the universe...
"Amy would like to see 8-12 clients a week, it'd sure be nice if you could make that happen."

If you want to do it more than once, knock yourself out!

Let me know what you need and I would be more than happy to whisper it out for you.

And now, because I used to be an art teacher... I leave you with a study of masterpieces to understand global warming