lots of great stuff

i have been cleaning out my google reader and wanted to share some great links:

first the charter for compassion (link now gone) you have 35 hours to contribute your thoughts this is a place to find common ground across ALL religion. from the website:

Compassion is a key and universal value in all faiths. The most urgent task of our time is to build a global community around this idea, where all peoples of the world can live together in harmony, appreciation and mutual respect. If we fail to achieve this, it is unlikely that we will have a viable world to hand on to the next generation. We believe that the religions of the world have a unique contribution to make and that is why we have issued this Charter for Compassion.

Second Authentic Happiness is a new movement happening in the psychology field. thank the gods someone finally figured out that depressing us with traditional psychology might not be the only option. anyway you can go participate in surveys and research studies online at Penn State University

and last but not least google earth and flicker have combined forces to bring you beautiful images from our magnificent planet. the images change with popularity and such so it's a site you can visit often.