I got a call this morning from my Morganna queen of the faeries. She is one on the most magical people I know. It was amazing how after 3 months of her being away there was never any loss of connection. I feel like a years worth of activity has taken place but it only took my 15 minutes of rambling to have her fully caught up.

There are only so many people on this planet that you feel safe enough to have that deep of a connection with. The wonderful thing is that once you find one, more pop out of the wood work to join in.

We are all seeking love. To be connected at such a deep level that words are no longer needed, just the sound of their voice and suddenly all is understood, even from across the country, or the world.

To have this I have recently learned you have to be so open and so vulnerable that it no longer matters if you feel like you are breaking apart. Most people are so afraid of that openness, but in it we find our true self, our true strength and the silvery connection that binds us all. And from this view we see the pain of humanity and understand that nothing is ever about us but is only wounds being expressed to be healed. We are all hoping that by driving others away we will find that one person who will look back at us and say NO I won't leave.