amy wants to save the planet

i have been working on my elevator pitch... man does writing something to speak in 15 seconds tweak my buttons. how can i possibly sum up my practice, all the services i provide, and a compelling hook to join me?

the worst part about playing with elevator pitches is the idea i have stuck in my brain that some how i have to capture your attention in this brief time and then once i have you hooked i then have to expand and real you in. it feels so inauthentic and sort of desperate and slimy (like a fish).

but maybe it feels that way because i am a bit desperate at this point in time.

somehow i have to change the paradigm stuck in my brain and create a story that invites future inquiry and inspires a person towards action.

very small changes... the essence is exactly the same but change the key words and suddenly you are acting in partnership with someone, instead of trying to up sell them so you can pay your mortgage.

so in essence i want to save the planet... not a small goal and one i am not really sure how to even set sustainable check points to see my accomplishments but see it's really, really important to me that we have a planet. because if we don't then i have no idea how any one will live.

and i think i can do it. ok obviously i can't save the whole planet all by myself but see that where what i do fits in. i teach people to take better care of themselves, which leads them to making more sustainable choices, create products and services that help in ways i can't even begin to imagine, and take personal responsibility for every choice and action they do.

so you see i get to be a catalyst. a small little person with a set of expert skills in a couple of key areas who connects with others skilled in other expert areas and so on and so on...

i am a vital strand in the web. and i will show you how you are as well. and together we will save the planet.