"Eventually I came to think there are three major reasons [for climate-change skepticism].

One is catastrophe overload. The end of the world has been going to come several times, and we're all still here. So it's: 'Wake me up when the real end of the world is coming.'

Then there's: 'If this were really as bad as you say, I would feel it by now. There'd be water lapping at my first-floor windows.' The problem is that the climate operates on a very long time lag, so if you wait until there's water lapping at your first-floor windows, you can be sure there's going to be water lapping at your second-floor windows. I don't think the message has gotten out: changes 30 or 40 years from now are already inevitable. There is warming in the pipeline already.

And then there is this question of what to do. People don't like to confront problems they don't have a clear answer to. And the answers here—to the extent there are answers—are very, very complicated. They're very hard. We know what causes people to be overweight, and we can't even stop that! And with global warming it's not as simple as 'eat less, lose weight.' It's 'do a million things.' As the mayor of Burlington, Vt., said to me, there's not one thing we have to do; there are hundreds and hundreds of things we have to do. And we have to do them on a global scale.

So that's pretty daunting to people. It's very much easier to pretend the problem doesn't exist."

—Elizabeth Kolbert in a 2006 interview with

I feel like I'm on some bouncing string... Like one of those Johnny-Jump-Ups that used to live on the hook in my basement. I am strapped into this contraption merrily bouncing along... Unfortunately my recent bouncing has not been quiet as peaceful and merry.

I feel trapped in this confusion of "what needs to happen" "what do I focus on" and "what the f*ck am I so depressed about now" I feel a bit alone in this bafflement, so I will try and explain whats happening in the hopes that maybe one person out there in the world can relate.

I feel a bit weird trying to grow a business when I see the world collapsing around me. It seems a bit odd to be worried about how to pay the mortgage and where to find "my ideal client." As an Aquarian I have been graced with always having my head stuck somewhere in the future 5 to 10 years ahead. I'm confused by all these people trying to "get ahead" Where do they think they are going? I'm not a drastic person but honestly, the economy ain't going to work the same way in the near future, and so I again wonder... "what's the point?" Our entire society revolves around a commodity that's running out. Why should I participate in it... and yet how can I afford not to.

The planet we inhabit is very sick. I think diagnosis might be a combination of cancer, AIDS, depression a really bad rash, plus a fever and boils. In my most evolved of moments I know that it doesn't matter and that the Earth will still be here long after we have thoroughly destroyed it. But in my everyday waking moments I feel paralysed. Why aren't we doing MORE. Why am I trying to build a stupid reflexology practice? and What is everyone thinking? I don't know what to do. So I bounce... trying to find a way to bring in income while and play the game of living in 2007. But underneath the voices are getting louder and I'm not sure how long I can keep playing.

So what's keeping me back? Well for starters, I have no idea what needs to be done first. Who do I talk to... why didn't I get that environmental education endorsement I wanted? If I tell someone I can heal not only people but water and plants and soil are they just going to dismiss me and walk away. Where's my place? Who are my people? and Where do I sign up? I'm bundling it all up and sending it out ... I want to help, I know I can help, please show me the next step or introduce me to the right person.

I know it's too late for some places, for some people and for some animals... but I also believe that this is a chance for the human race to shine. For us to put down our weapons, our fears, our judgements because who cares what the person next to you looks, thinks or act like if we don't start changing our relationship with the Earth they won't be there to hate, and we won't be there to learn to see through our hate and love them.

I'd like to see Al Gore switch the title of "Global Climate Crisis" to "Global Climate Opportunity" he's the man who could do it... then instead being inundated with yet another crisis we could see this for what it is... a chance for us to evolve and become so much more.