What's in the cards? VOTE!


I pulled a few cards for the election: here are the results and my interpretation.

The Magician: It is possible to create whatever you desire on the earth plane. In order to achieve this one must trust that the universe has all the elements available to harness if you reach outside yourself.

In regards to the election: The one who is elected will be a person whom can truly manifest greatness, who has the desire to mix elements and create a new way of being. Someone who utilizes all resources and strengths available.

In reverse this could mean slight of hand or pulling the wool over others eyes to gain power.

Strength or Luster: Love conquers all. In challenging times we must look within . We must stare deep into the beasts eyes lay down our weapons and live through honor and love. Only love can tame the beast, weapons or use of brute strength only annoys and makes stronger your enemy. Beware of the temptation to use force and force victory, for those acts will only cause temporary freedom, true freedom is won through love, agreements and spoken words. It takes more courage to stand and strive to understand your enemy than to blindly lash out and try to destroy it.

The pen is mightier than the sword. Only one willing to lay down the sword will succeed in today's world.

The Three of Pentacles can be summed up as a card that often comes up to mark the achievement of goals in your working area, and teaches attainment through effort. It advises you to keep the pressure up so that you maintain momentum, and to pay attention to detail. Through focus and determined effort victory will be achieve. Vision must be clean, clear and the apprentice must be willing to hold steady for extended periods of time, holding nothing but the detailed vision of his success. Only then will mastery be granted to him.

May the man with the clearest vision and supporters who help him hold that vision win.
Blessed be, I must say I am delighted this event is almost behind us. I can see the finish line and so I shall put on that extra bit of steam and put every last bit of effort I have into manifesting both a record breaking voter turn out and a glorious new shift of focus.

may it be so.

If you haven't yet voted it is your right and your responsibility and if you aren't registered then shame on you for missing out on one of the most unique days in the history of America, for I think it shall be unique and amazing. Also since you lack foresight and responsibility you cannot bitch, moan nor complain about what occurs. Maybe next time it will force you to get up off your ass and take a stand, and make a choice.