a new thing! welcome!

yay! it's spring and spring means things are growing and blooming and changing all over the place. there's a ton and a half of stuff taking root here right now, but something great has just bloomed. a subscription based tarot thingy.

tiny tarot readings arriving via the magic of email and internets!

i have been super leery of all things requiring me to learn how to do new things, as time is a crazy thing that seems to disappear a lot. but after talking to others and looking at subscription thingy i have decided that paypal is way smarter than i am and therefor it will take care of managing everything, and i can just reads cards for you.

blah blah blah

here's the part you want to read! tiny tarot readings in you inbox- just showing up, every month! WOW! it's like your faery godmother popping into your email and restoring faith and hope and adding a whole bunch of sparkle to your month.

a whole ton of sparkle, i say! erasing all the less than sparkling things that happened last month. bye, bye non-sparkly yuck.

plus once you click the button you don't even have to worry, magic (paypal) just runs the card of your choice and bam! you get information to help you wade through the things life has piled up on top of you in the last 30 days.

because sometimes life is super busy, or cranky, or mean and you forget to take care of yourself and do nice things like getting a tiny tarot reading to restore your confidence and redirect your energies.

a tiny tarot reading can help everything just by being there.

and hey if it's not working for you, well you can go into your paypal account and quit anytime. no hard feelings, no strange awkwardness, plus i don't have to do paperwork or remember to take you off a list.

here's what Elizabeth has to say about the tiny tarot readings

I've gotten two tarot readings from Amy and I am plotting ways to purchase one every month. Not because I need the cards to tell me what to do, but because there is something about the readings that help me trust myself and my own process more - and remind me of things like possibility and magic and rest and play and unexpected allies. I keep the readings in my email inbox so I can re-read them whenever I need a reminder.

to subscribe or not to subscribe, that is the question.

this question might be rephrased to say: to thrive or not to thrive, or to have clarity or be stuck in the fog, or better yet to be or not to be... wait that version is taken.

need more convincing... it's sort of like a horoscope, with pictures and way more relevant and easy to understand and not stupid. not that horoscopes are stupid (i totally read them all the time) it's just they are stupid and everything is in hindsight and not at all useful to the current situation, it just validates that today sucks not why or what i can do about it. whereas a tiny tarot reading... magic, insight, pictures, information, skill building, etc.

want more info:

read more about tarot readings  here

here is more about tarot arriving in your email inbox

and here is a taste of my writing in the 2012 forecast

oh and i forgot to mention that you get a screaming deal by subscribing. a 3 card draw costs $25 but when you subscribe only the first one is $25, then it goes down to $17 a month/reading. so you still have money for 2 lattes to sip while reading your tiny tarot reading. brilliant sparkly magic in your inbox.

click here to get some and paypal will take care of the rest.

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