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how does one hang up the woo woo signhow does one declare "hey i do stuff and it shifts stuff and you want to try this"

how does one really stand up and say "so i'm sort of doing magic and i can't really explain it all because we don't really have words for it (because words limit things) but it's sort of intense and sort of amazing"

how does one who is super skeptical of the woo herself talk about and write about this stuff?

something moves

my guess is i just start talking and then a week later i rip it all down and do it all over and that happens every week for the rest of--well potentially forever.

there are 3 things i want to talk about

dragonfly sessions: these are and intense healing session of awe-some 2-3 hours of bodywork, energy work and shamanic work. we spend the first wee bit sipping tea and chatting about what's happening in your world and how it might be sticking around in your body. then you jump on the massage table and we move that stuck right on out using rocking, jostling, shamanic techniques like extraction, unwinding, sound, we also might throw in things like tarot and massage. all of this is held and supported by reiki energy flowing. we book 3 hours and potentially all is done in 90 minutes but we take you out of real life for a big chunk of time because that commitment in itself transforms things.

why dragonfly? because for the first years of their lives dragonflies live very successfully as a water grub, but one day something shifts and they walk up a blade grass and out of the pond to transform over the next couple of hours into a dragonfly.

i want to help encourage this shift, and while i also see these sessions as being influenced by the lifecycle of the phoenix i really want to encourage and focus on the crazy impulse of the dragonfly to one day leaving it's watery self behind and becoming a creature of air. There is no knowing where we are going to end up in this session so bring comfy clothes, a water bottle and a sense of adventure.

suggested uses: physical relaxation and transformation, energetic, emotional or spiritual transformation, mini-retreat of self care, for fun and whimsy.

fairy godmothering: so this is the hardest thing for me to explain. the magic stuff. but you know how the faery godmother always swoops in to make things happen, that's what we are doing here-providing you the ball gown and shoes so you can meet your destiny.

suggested uses; you have a book, a screen play, a business idea, a job interview, a sick grandmother, a test to pass, an idea, a past stuck, a project, a wedding or event... this list could get very, very long. the basic idea is you have a thing/person/event which needs shifting, energy, change, or plain old help.

i utilize reiki symbols, and faery doctoring to clear, open, shift, and transform the energy surrounding this thing. (i wave my wand and say bibbity bobby boo and you get a carriage, dress and shoes)

voila! what you really get is information and change on the issue you gave me and probably information and change on some other things connected to that. you might get clarity, next steps, energy, healing, happy guests, profits, acceptance into festival or gallery, the job you wanted, a raise, extra sleep, an opportunity...

how this works, you send me an image or pdf of thing which needs help (title page of novel, screen shot of campaign, invitation, business card, your photo or photo of sick person/creature). you tell me why it needs help and what you'd like to have happen. i do my magic thing for one week or one month and we choose to rinse and repeat or it's done and you wander off.

quantum shifts: because time and distance are things we think of as obstacles this healing session is designed for those of you i can't see in person or those who have very little time due to "the busy". it is also designed for things such as your business, home or project.

we email or talk about your intentions and in this communication we tweak and refine those so they are focused and directed. then we pick a time in which we will both commit 30 minutes to supercharge you/your thing. after the supercharging session we communicate-usually via email-anything that came up. This session is usually felt immediately but the effects often linger and waves of change occur for a few days post.

faery godmothering works on a very broad but highly potent level-but this session is dedicated solely to one thing only allowing for quantum shifts to occur.

suggested uses: personal healing general or specific, launching a product/campaign/proposal, healing of a loved one, pet healing, infusing a personal talisman, shifting stickiness around an issue.