amy! the barefoot phoenix
amy! the barefoot phoenix
wake up, wake up, wake up and live! fully, gloriously, and messily. eyes wide open, trying not to fall back asleep and into the status quo.

meet the faeries

Dearest wanderer!

This is a love letter to that tiny piece of you that wants to believe the world is a magical place.

This is a love letter to the piece of you that longs to break out of a mold, get out of a rut, loose the necktie and to paint on the walls in bright purples and red.

You are not alone.

There are millions, probably even billions of us stuck here in the space between where we believe we could be, and this moment where we are now.

You have tried various a sundry of books, quests, power drinks, chanting and you are still disconnected. You are still empty and yet so full you could explode.

In my empty place I started an adventure. To talk to the faeries at least once a week, for a year, and to report and record the best of those conversations for others. You are invited to come along on my adventure.

This is an experiement, a peek into my quest for connection, for more, for enchantment, creativity, love and magic.

It is full of messy. It is full of inspiration. It is full of tiny homework assignments to bring you closer to you and possibly, if you desire it, closer to the faeries. It is also full of suck, because one cannot go on an adventure and take time to edit, or filter.

It is a weekly manifesto on seeing the world a slight bit different. Welcoming in the discomfort and strangeness of change, of growing bigger, of getting some wings.

A letter written by me and the faeries to you who are beautiful, radiant and perfect.

You are who are creative, magical and full of ideas that are ready to bust out and change the world.

Also to the you who is lost, broken, alone, bedraggled, and burnt out. For we are often both magnificent and stuck at the same time.

I invite you to come along for the ride, to explore the grown up world of faery, where a key can unlock any door, where clues are left for you to find, where beauty means more than money and where the shadows teach you about light.

This is a love letter to you, perfect radiant being trapped under years of training, searching for a way to add sparkle back to each day.

Magic is real, this world is more amazing than you can possibly know, play can be part of everyday. I know this and I forget it every single day.

You don’t have to believe in faeries to play, you just have to be willing to believe that faeries could exist.

may you be blessed upon your path

amy! and the faeries.